The Exhibit

Targeting 8-12 year olds, this game-based exhibit illuminates the challenges facing oral health and motivates visitors to take control of their own dental care. Entering Dentisha’s workshop of gizmos and gadgets, visitors learn how enamel is formed, experience the larger-than-life bacteria that threatens our teeth, and are exposed to the daily pitfalls and opportunities of dental care. Having participated in this dramatic fight against plaque, the goal is for kids to visualize these towering biofilms the next time they brush their teeth, and to understand that ultimately their own choices determine their ability to keep their teeth for the rest of their lives.

Developed in a flexible, reconfigurable
design, the exhibit and 3D game is
available as a traveling exhibit.
Bring Attack of the S. mutans!
to your facility and experience
this high-tech battle against bacteria.


3D Game: Attack fo the S. mutans!

At magnification 1000x, walk on the surface of Dentisha’s tooth’s enamel crystal, which is under intense attack from lactic acid. Put on your polarized “safety” 3D goggles and help her battle the nasty bacteria!

The Enamelizer

A full-wall simulation of the birth of a tooth. Dentisha has uncovered the mysterious way ameloblasts build a rock-hard crystal covering our teeth, called enamel. Enamel is precious, as our bodies can’t heal it like skin or other bones, so we need to take great care of it.

The Bioslimer

Those bacteria swarming in our mouths are on the attack. This wall-sized simulation uncovers their devious tricks to communicate and cooperate as they build fortresses of slimy plaque.

Hall of Excuses

There are countless excuses for not taking care of our teeth even though we all know better. Dentisha’s been out observing and put together this gallery of animated lenticular panels to show the real health consequences of all those excuses.

Decay Detection

Dentisha’s X-ray gadget uncovers all those places where bacteria hide and cavities grow. Take the challenge to see how many cavities you can find. Grab a tooth, put it in and see what lies below the surface.

Keep Your Teeth

Run the course of a virtual 3D labyrinth, but take care not to fall into cavities on the way. Fluoride powerups shrink the holes and lower your risk. Play smart and the final payoff is huge - you get to keep your teeth your whole life!

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Traveling Exhibit Details

  • 1500 to 2000+ sq. ft. - flexible, reconfigurable design
  • Scalable game component includes a large 3D screen inside a 5-player game pod
  • Exhibit environment themed to Dentisha’s workshop
  • Engaging interactive technology, including high-quality 3D projections, position trackers and augmented reality
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish